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Prompt management of your administrative representation

MYFormalities has the advantage of a national and international expertise, thriving across France and abroad (within and outside of the the EU) its clients benefit from the fast and efficient services thanks to the privileged contacts at the heart of administration. A personalized accompaniment allows you to settle in without the administrative worry.


MYFormalities takes charge of all the administrative formalities (work permit, visa, residence permit, medical certificate, registration with foreign consulate, vehicle import…) in case of exile, in order for its customers to live and work legally in their host country.

Social Welfare

MYFormalities manages all the paperwork (affiliation, health insurance card, it also sets the reimbursements, withdrawal of salary slips, and quarterly reports into motion) so that your ex-patriates are assured by social security in France.


MYFormalities is surrounded by the most respected tax lawyers all around the world and take responsibility for; tax optimization (income and wealth), estimate of the amount of tax pay in France, income tax return and corresponding with local tax authorities.

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